Dumbo Rats on Long Island

Hand-raised from the day they are born.


It has been made clear to me that my amateur efforts are not appreciated. I hope anyone who would want a hand raised dumbo rat would please consider rescuing, as there are many loving rats in need of homes. Often times, older rats are cuddly and just want to relax with you, which is one of the best parts of owning them. Babies may be cute, but they scurry like race cars and hop around like fleas.

If you need help finding a rescue center around you, I am happy to help in whatever way I can to locate a reputable center near you.

Dumbo Rats

Rats are incredibly sociable and loving pets. Domesticated, or fancy rats are bred and socialized to be kept in pairs or groups of two or more, and benefit from personal attention from you everyday. 

Of all small animals, rats are generally the best pets for beginning owners or children. They require simple regular maintenance and are friendly and hearty pets. Where a hamster may bite if scared, rats aren't known to bite unless you smell like food or are hurting them. Also, many exotic pets like rabbits and chinchillas are incredibly fragile, and without a disciplined or knowledgeable owner they can easily be hurt or mistreated if the owner is unaware of their many needs. Caring for rats should not be underestimated or seen as a responsibility to leave solely to a child, but in respect to all pet choices you make a considerably safe choice by choosing to own rats.


A Dumbo rat is exactly the same as a regular fancy rat, with the exception of an ear mutation that makes their ears grow lower on the head, more-so on the sides then on the top of the head.


The first picture above is a dumbo, where the second is a regularly eared rat.


  • "I will be contacting owners of rats from my first litter a month after adoption to request testimonials on thir experience with me."
    Amie Noakes
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