Dumbo Rats on Long Island

Hand-raised from the day they are born.

Breeding Dumbo Rats

I have owned rats, in addition to other pets for several years. I had been studying but uninvolved in breeding up until this year, but I am very confident in the litters I produce. Starting off on craigslist I now have customers and input on the quality of the pets I have bred.

I have always had a passion for Dumbo rats, and until recently I couldn't find anywhere near me that had them, no pet stores or breeders. On an off chance I got my first Dumbo female - Penelope. Her first litter was a batch of 10 - 8 of which were dumbo eared just like her. Becoming more involved and being in contact with other people interested in Dumbo rats, I am finding new opportunities for litters concerning their patterns and coats. 

All of my rats are handled from the day they are born and grow up familiar with being handled by multiple people, learning humans are nothing to fear.

Understanding the desire to own the adorable Dumbo rats has lead me to breeding them, and though I may be a beginner, I already have satisfied customers. I'm dedicated to creating quality pets and hope to promote rats as pets to people all over Long Island, and further if I succeed.


  • "I will be contacting owners of rats from my first litter a month after adoption to request testimonials on thir experience with me."
    Amie Noakes
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